Our Vodka

Inspired by Africa and all her glory, every drop of Vachellia Premium Vodka is instilled with the spirit of our majestic continent.

Our name is derived from the Vachellia Karroo (Acacia tree), which is native to the Southern parts of Africa. The Vachellia Karroo is an adaptable pioneer that can establish itself without shade, shelter, or protection from grass fires. It is a deeply rooted, semi-deciduous, fast-growing, drought-resistant tree that can flower up to six times a year with yellow puffball flowers that light up the landscape and adorn the tree.

We don’t only carry the Vachellia tree in our name, but it is also visually represented around the perfectly shaped bottle of our handcrafted spirit.


In the making of our International Award-Winning Spirit, we use the finest, locally sourced sugarcane that we get from across the 14 cane growing regions of South Africa.

We learnt early on that when converting grains (a commonly used ingredient in the production of vodka) into fermentable sugars by adding enzymes it will form impurities. Because vodka is a neutral spirit, these congeners will then have to be removed.  Given that cane is inherently fermentable, no addition of chemicals/enzymes is required, and this means that no additional congeners will be formed, thus making our cane base spirit much more efficient and purer. While all vodka is distilled, Vachellia is seven times distilled.

Thanks to our meticulous distillation process, Vachellia Premium Vodka is a superior vodka with a creamy and smooth texture and a lovely floral element on the palate.

It is perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed neat and chilled, or in a perfectly blended cocktail.