Discover the Essence of Vachellia Premium Vodka

Every single drop of Vachellia Premium Vodka captures the vibrant soul of Africa, embracing the beauty and majesty of our incredible continent.

Our brand identity is derived from the Vachellia Karroo, an indigenous Acacia tree native to Southern Africa symbolizing strength, adaptability, and beauty. We don’t only carry the Vachellia tree in our name, but it is also visually represented around the perfectly shaped bottle of our handcrafted spirit.


Unlike many vodkas made from the traditional grain, Vachellia is made from sugarcane. Notably, sugarcane has emerged as an advantageous choice for vodka production. With its efficient sugar conversion, sugarcane offers a smooth path to creating flavourful vodka. This base material brings a subtle sweetness and natural richness to the spirit, setting it apart from traditional grains and other alternatives.

And while all vodka is distilled, Vachellia is seven times distilled!

Thanks to our meticulous distillation process, Vachellia Premium Vodka is a superior vodka that is perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed neat and chilled, or in a perfectly blended cocktail.